How to use this webservice

1. Data Input

First paste your genes list into the text field to the left. The genes have to be separated by "return". They can also be copied from an Excel spreadsheet.

Then fill in the parameters to the right. How many coregulators from the database do you want to use?

Do you want to let the program determine connectors? If so, type a value higher than 0 into the respective text field

2. Calculation

Press "submit" to start the calculation.

The page will wait for the result, which depends on the parameters and number of genes. The hardware is currently based on a Raspberry Pi running an Apache Server. So please don't expect too much speed :-).

3. Work with the output

The returned page will tell you several things

First it will list the genes that were not found in our database. If the option was chosen, it will also return a list of the added connector genes.

Second it will return the network matrix as a long list in the following form: Gen1, Gen2, Connections

Copy this network matrix into Editor and save as a file

4. Visualize the network

Import the file into Cytoscape using the option "Import Network File"

Click "Import Options" to choose the proper separation mark for columns

Assign Column1 to "Node", Column2 to "Node2" and Column3 to "InteractionType". Press Enter and the network is building

Choose the "Layout--> Edge-weighted spring embedded layout" to visualize the clusters.